Newborn FAQ - michelleannphotography

 How do I prepare for the shoot?

-Make sure to have everything ready the night before so if you think of things you can quickly add them and not stress out before the shoot. Also make sure baby is awake 1-2 hours before the shoot and has a full belly.

- (At Home Shoot) Turn your heat up to at least 75 degrees for the shoot. Baby needs to be warm and comfy! I will also have a space heater.

How many outfits should I have?

- 1 at the most! We will mainly do naked shots and it’s best to capture baby in the most natural state so save all those cute onesies for when baby is bigger! 

What if my baby has dry skin or acne?

-No worries, all final images are edited one by one and skin is smoothed out and blotches/ache are removed. Super flakey skin will be minimized but not 100% eliminated.

How much time will it take?

-Prepare for 2-4 hours, but it usually takes around 3. There are breaks for feeding, diaper changes, crabby baby, etc. I am not in a hurry and you shouldn’t be either! This is actually a great time to get things done or just relax as I will mostly be taking care of the baby. Sometimes it’s actually better for the parents not to be too close because the baby can smell/sense their presence making them more fussy. 

How many pictures will I get?

-20 are included in your package price, but more will be available to purchase in your online gallery

How often do you wash the blankets?

-Before and after every shoot.

What should I wear?

Comfortable classic clothing, something you would like to see on your wall when you print the pictures. This is of course if you want to be in some shots, if not no biggie jus dress in whatever works for you!

When should I feed my baby?

-30 mins before the shoot, if possible. If you need to feed during the shoot that is totally fine too! It’s a baby! :) Sometimes this also isn't an ideal schedule for you so if you need to feed the baby sooner or later it's ok. 

What types of props do you have?

-This is a little bit more extensive so please consult me to what look you want to go for! I have baskets, blankets, flowers, wooden blocks, mini luggage, etc. and I’m always adding to my collection!

What should I have ready?

-2-4 receiving blankets

-1-2 “nice” blankets (e.g.: made by grandma, family heirloom, a favorite)

-“The Essentials” - dippers, wipes, milk/formula, pacifiers, burp cloths, fav toy, etc.

-Snacks for Mom and Dad

-Hats, headbands, bows

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