Claire - michelleannphotography

Over and over I fail...

Did I read to her enough,?

Did I give her enough green vegetables?

Did I parent enough?

Did I spend too much time on my phone?

Did I volunteer enough?

Did I spend too much time working and not enough time playing?

I could go on...but you know what...after reading too many "mom" blogs I don't care. She eats good food...her favorite vegetable is actually peas...seriously?! Who likes peas? .... but also I have a weakness for Starbucks and she has a weakness for cake pops...we laugh we play and yes I yell...mainly because she has scraps of paper and endless notebooks and markers all over the place....I let it go...she loves to color, read, write and make up stories....there are worse things then a messy house and a not-so-perfect mom.

And then we have these "moments" ...moments where I wish there was a personal photographer on hire at any moment, because damnit sometimes I hate taking pictures of my own kids....yes I said it...I hate taking pictures of my kids...but wait...

...because I can't be with them! Today, I forced that photographer (aka Me) to get up and do the job....we played dress-up and got shots...I wasn't in them, but it's ok...I will make plans for that, but for today it was just about her.

To my Claire whom I love with every fiber of myself...always be you!

The dress that Claire is wearing is actually the same design as her Christmas dress she wore for mini's last year just a different color...CLICK HERE to view it on Zulily! 

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